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George DeFalco

George DeFalco graduated from the University of Massachusetts School of Business and is the President of Sterling Concrete. He flew fighters (F-84, F-100, and A-10) in the United States Air Force and Air National Guard for 21 years, retiring with the rank of Major. He has been in the concrete business for 40+ years, surviving… Continue reading George DeFalco

Karen Olson

Karen Olson has worked for the founding member of Sterling Concrete since 1992 in prior endeavors. Since the formation of Sterling Concrete in 2004, she has held the title of Operations Manager, but has recently transitioned over to the key role of General Manger for the business in 2024. Karen graduated from Nichols College with… Continue reading Karen Olson

Michael Sheehan

Michael has worked in the Ready-Mix Concrete Industry since 1982. He began his career as a Concrete Mixer Driver and quickly transitioned into the Dispatch Office. At that time the industry was shifting from manual dispatch and moving toward computerization. Michael had both computer and customer service skills from his studies at Assumption College but… Continue reading Michael Sheehan

Jeff Dauphinais

Jeffrey Dauphinais is a Product Representative at Sterling Concrete with over 20 years in the concrete and construction industry. He holds an ACI Grade 1 Concrete Technician License and is an asset to have on the team with his extensive knowledge. Jeffrey has the immense ability to understand the customers’ needs and wants, which allows… Continue reading Jeff Dauphinais

Mick Albro

Mick has been in the construction industry for over 30 years. He started his career working for a Materials Testing Lab, where he was promoted to Manager on the Boston Central/Artery Tunnel Project (Big Dig). Since 1998, he has been a Quality Control Manager in the ready-mix concrete industry, as well as for aggregate quarries.… Continue reading Mick Albro

David LaPointe

David LaPointe joined Sterling Concrete as Sales Manager since its formation in 2004. Surrounded by a tremendous team of professionals, he is focused on the successful business plan that excellent customer service and quality products lead to great repeating customers. David started working in the industry in 1988 in Grafton, MA. During that time, the… Continue reading David LaPointe

Robin Monette

Robin started working part-time in the concrete industry in 1997 with responsibilities of billing and assisting in dispatch. As time passed, she then moved into a full-time Assistant Dispatch role. Once the business she was working for at that time sold, and after taking a short concrete hiatus, she began her career back in the… Continue reading Robin Monette

Matt Kelty

Matt Kelty has served as the Dispatch Manager at Sterling Concrete since its inception in 2004. Prior to that, he gained valuable experience in the ready-mix concrete industry through various positions, including dispatch and quality control. Matt possesses a strong understanding of the concrete industry and a dedication to efficient and reliable dispatch operations. Beyond… Continue reading Matt Kelty

Rebecca Timmons

Rebecca Timmons joined Sterling Concrete in early 2018 performing order entry for dispatch. Since joining the team she has become the Assistant Dispatch Manager and also shares other duties including payroll, accounts payable and accounts receivables. Rebecca came to Sterling Concrete with a strong customer service background working years in retail as a store manager.… Continue reading Rebecca Timmons

Eric Alitalo

Eric Alitalo graduated from Fitchburg State University and went on to teach at Natick High School and Nashoba Regional in Bolton, MA. During the summer he worked in construction, which led him to receive an offer as a Sales Representative for a local concrete company. He spent over 20 years as their Sales Manager and… Continue reading Eric Alitalo

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