Flowfill Concrete

Sterling Concrete manufactures Flowfill Concrete for the following applications:

RETAINING WALLSEliminates Settlement
MUD JACKINGShrink Resistant
PAVEMENTEasily excavatable with proper mix design
BASESYear round availability & placement
BRIDGE CONVERSIONSelf-leveling & self-compacting
EROSION CONTROLIncreased worker safety
PIPE BEDDINGCan be color coded easily for utility identification
SUB BASE STABILIZATIONCan vary psi expectations with mix design
ABANDONED TANK FILLSReduce in place costs-less labor, equipment and time

Flowfill, or CLSM (Controlled Low Strength Material) is known by a variety of terms:

Flowfill concrete

Soil Replacement, K-Crete, Lean Mix Backfill, Flowable Mortal, Liquid Dirt, and Controlled Density Fill. Controlled Low Strength Material is a mixture of Portland Cement and/or fly ash, aggregates, water, and possibly chemical admixtures that, as the cement hydrates, forms a soil replacement material. CLSM is a self-compacting, flowable, cementitious material that is primarily used as a backfill or structural fill in lieu of compacted fill or as unsuitable native soil. Depending on the amount of water used in the CLSM mixture, it can also be placed as a non-flowable compacted material or as a mortar. (Defined in by American Society for Testing and Materials ASTM)

CLSM/Flowable Fill is not concrete. It is delivered in a ready mix truck just as concrete is, and has some of the same ingredients concrete has, but it is very different.
Source: CPG (Concrete Promotional Group)

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